Drivetrain alignment and service

We can perform the most challenging tasks regarding proper alignment and overhaul of drivetrains, no matter the size and complexity. We examine the system, identify any faults and then suggest the most effective solution. We use the latest measurement technology providing a digital report of the drivetrain alignment or surface flatness.

Do you need a new transmission or a major reconstruction? We can design and build a complete system from scratch, and then commission it flawlessly.

We perform

  • Laser shaft measurements
  • Laser cardan shaft measurements up to 700 mm offset
  • Laser drive belt/chain measurements
  • Laser flange flatness measurements, on pedestals, flanges or other machined flat surfaces
  • Laser tunnel measurements, used to measure the position of the main bearing in an engine or drive
  • Engine deflection, before and after dry dock
  • Vibration measurements
  • Coupling service, providing and installing all elements
  • Cardan shaft service
  • SKF bearing service
  • Custom-made brass or nylon bearings