About us

When they started the company, Emil and Johan together already had more than ten years experience in the industry. But their experience goes deeper than that; the ship repair genes were passed down by Johan’s grandfather who was a part-owner of Donsö Shipyard from 1950.

We currently have in Gothenburg a fully equipped 600 sq. metre workshop with focus on high speed diesel engines and other equipment onboard.

At FRAMAR in Lidköping we have fully equipped 900 sq. metre workshop with focus on medium and high speed diesel Engines.

From september 2020 we also bought FRAMAR AB with an agreement with the old owner Sven-Erik to work with us to make sure all his knowledge will be passed on. We own the name, documents, tools and uses the same workshop as FRAMAR was using.

Our passion has always been developing technical solutions and then carrying them out with an excellent team. Nothing is more satisfying than handing over a top-quality job to a delighted customer.

We are very proud of our company. We pride ourselves in having top-notch personal who have a stable organisation to rely on. We believe this is the basis of our reputation with customers and will provide a bedrock for the future.



Our goal